Larimer Furniture   & Mattress
Downtown   Wakarusa, IN     1 Mile West of State Road 19

We have put together a sampling of what we have to offer.  Inventory changes daily, as things are sold and new merchandise comes in, so call if you want to check on something that you see.  


‘Chairs’ has occasional chairs that do not recline.  Some rock, some are glider rockers, and some are available both ways.


‘Reclining Chairs’ shows a variety of styles and sizes that are in stock at any time.  We specialize in small and medium sizes, be we also have one that is so big it’s called ‘the beast’.


‘Short Sofas’ shows a size that is sometimes called ‘apartment size’.  It is approximately 10 inches shorter than a standard sofa, and 10 inches longer than a love seat.


The other pages are self explanatory, but if you have any questions or need clarification, please call at any time.  If you call after hours, just leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Larimer Furniture has been selling American made solid wood furniture at discount prices for 38 years.  All top quality sofas have coil spring seating, and Larimer Furniture carries two brands that have coil springs and solid wood frames.  Also, our mattresses are still padded on both sides, so you get the full useful life from your mattress.

Don’t make the one-sided mattress mistake!

Thanks for voting us the Best furniture and mattress store in Elkhart County, once again in                                    2020.